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A collection of 9,999 3D Punks that evolve over time, generated with artificial intelligence. 🧱

The BricktoPunk-AI has been programmed to place each brick with a human touch, with variations in placement and brick type in every NFT. No two punks are the same, each has a 1-of-1 brick pattern.

Price: 0.08 ETH
Release Date: Coming Soon

The BricktoForge ⚒️

An evolving collection that decreases in supply

The BricktoPunks that collectors purchase at launch will be their starter NFTs.

Following the launch, BricktoPunks will be creating the ‘BricktoForge’, a mechanism that allows people to upgrade and customise their BricktoPunks with new accessories, backgrounds and other adaptations.

In order for collectors to upgrade their favourite BricktoPunks, they will have to ‘burn’ other BricktoPunks through the forge, decreasing the total supply and making their own BricktoPunk more unique.

Upgrades will only be available during limited time events. Once these events are completed the upgrades will never be available again, increasing their rarity.

But that’s not all, scroll down for more information on our scarcity mechanisms.


Generated by artificial intelligence

Every BricktoPunk NFT is a 3D piece that has been generated using the BricktoPunk-AI. This algorithm was generated over several months to create NFTs that ensure variance in the manner that each brick is placed, and the brick types used.

The effect of this is that it gives a 'human touch', making every NFT feel like a mosaic that was created by a child using their collection of toys.

The subject of each piece sits a layer above the backdrop, creating depth in the piece and emphasising its 3D layering.

Increasing Scarcity & Quality Over Time

We've made it our mission to create long-term value for our collectors. Our approach to this has been to ensure that the collection evolves over time, whilst its total supply decreases. Here's how we're doing it:


The BricktoForge

Upgrade your favourite BricktoPunks by burning other BricktoPunks in the BricktoForge. Read more on this here.


BricktoPunk Artist Collaborations

1-of-1 BricktoPunks, made in collaboration with world-renowned artists. Only purchasable by burning multiple BricktoPunks in the BricktoForge.


Generated by artificial intelligence

50% of all royalties generated from secondary market sales will be used to purchase and burn BricktoPunks from the market.

1 in 5 will be retained for future giveaways to engaged community members.

The Artist Behind the Collection


Kanye West, Louis Vuitton creative director Virgil Abloh, NBA MVP Russell Westbrook & Young Thug are among the many collaborators of @Law_Degree.

In May, he made his biggest splash in the NFT space when he created the artwork for NBA Rookie of the Year Lamelo Ball's first collection, which sold $1.7m worth of NFTs.

BricktoPunks marks @Law_Degree's first solo NFT release.

Law Degree's Inner Circle 📜

As a supporter of this project, you are making all future @Law_Degree projects possible. To recognise this, all BricktoPunk holders will get access to the Law Degree Inner Circle. Through this you will get access to a private Discord community, that gives you the inside track on all upcoming work by Law Degree, including Members Only Collections and Airdrops. The Inner Circle will be our opportunity to ensure that all of @Law_Degree's earliest supporters continue to be rewarded long into the future.

The Roadmap 🚁

Launch date TBC

Launch the minting of the BricktoPunk collection

25% sold

A free BricktoPunk NFT will be airdropped to 20 collectors in the community.

50% sold

5 ETH given away, split between 5 members of the community.

75% SOLD

Begin building the Law Degree Inner Circle private access Discord

100% SOLD

Begin building the BricktoForge

Post Sale

🧹 Initiate the Floor Sweeper program - using 50% of all royalties generated from the secondary market to buy and burn

🔑 Launch the @Law_Degree Inner Circle, a private Discord for BricktoPunk holders.

⚒️ Launch the BricktoForge, a mechanism that upgrades BricktoPunks by burning other BricktoPunks.

🎨 Begin creating collaborative BricktoPunk 1-of-1 NFTs with world-renowned artists, purchased by burning BricktoPunks.

About BricktoPunks

A collection of 9,999 Punks, made from algorithmically placed bricks 🧱

The BricktoPunk-AI has been programmed to place each brick in the manner that a child would, with unique variations in placement between each brick. This was designed to create the reminiscent feel of childhood play, where a young person would use toy bricks to create a mosaic of something that they love.

As lovers of the NFT space, we built this collection to reflect the childlike joy that NFT collection has brought to us. Whether it be collecting Pokemon cards, weapon skins in video games or limited-edition sneakers, NFTs have created a powerful nostalgia for our team.

The collection is an homage to our favourite NFT collection, the original CryptoPunks by LavaLabs.

As early supporters of BricktoPunks, your NFTs will act as a key to continue to receive community benefits. This collection has been fun and challenging to build, and we cannot wait for you to join us in this journey.

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This collection is not affiliated with Larva Labs or other toy manufacturers